Shadow Shopper : Keeping an eye on business

    Can Your Business Afford to Ignore Your Customers?

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Let's face it: your customers want more than your product or service.

  • Customers in a restaurant want more than a meal

  • Guests in a hotel want more than a room

  • Airline passengers want more than to get there

So what do they want? They want to be treated well. They want to feel that they are important. They want to know that your business values them. If the don't, then they have the ultimate solution: They don't come back. They vote with their feet. Or their mouse. And you lose your customer.

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The Social Network : The Customer Channel Of Choice

Losing a customer is bad. But nowadays if that's all that happens the you're lucky. It can be worse. Much, much worse.

Nowadays, there's the Internet. Social media. Twitter. FaceBook. Blogs. YouTube. Forums. Reviews. Complaints. And Google (or Bing or Yahoo or Ask) makes sure that it is there forever. You can't remove it. Anyone who searches for your business will see it years into the future.

Most people know about United Airlines from one disgruntled customer who posted his complaint on Youtube. Within 6 weeks 5 million people had seen it. Can you afford that kind of publicity? (If you want to see what has influenced the choices of over 12 million customers click here)

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Why Your Business Needs Shadow Shopper

The only way that a company can really know what their customers experience is to use an independent mystery shopping company like Shadow Shopper, where impartial secret shoppers visit the business and report accurately on what they found.

Shadow Shopper has been in business since 2004, and we've mystery shopped all sorts of businesses. Retail, hospitality, online stores, services, shopping centres and lots more. Whatever your business, we know how to make a great shadow shopping program that gives you real insights into how your customers are treated. And that's information your business really needs to know.

Do you have great customer service? Find out with Shadow Shopper: mystery shoppers for your business.

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Online Customers: Clicks and Bricks

Online customers are just as demanding as face to face customers, and these days more people are preferring to do busines online rather than in person.

Recent research shows that of customers who experience customer service problems when online:

  • 77% share their experience with

  • 56% use online channels to share
    complaints and reviews.

  • 53% tell friends and family with the
    specific intention of discouraging
    them from using that website or
    doing business with that company.

90% of Web Transactions Are Abandoned

Can you afford to lose 90% of the people who come into your business? That's what is happening online.

Recent research of 9,000 consumers in 16 countries showed that 90% of web transactions are abandoned before the transaction is completed.

Consumers will abandon a business if there is an unsatisfactory transaction. And Australia and New Zealand are right at the top of the list.

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